Friday 28 October 2016

5 Things You Should Know Before Creating A Blog/ Website

Hello there! Sorry for the MIA! I wasn't slacking nor procrastinating on blogging during this period of time. In fact, I was spending more time than usual on my blog. Some of you might have known that I've started to blog with my own domain 3 months ago, since then I encountered lots of issues. My friend who is a programmer had been very kind in helping me in creating the website but we were facing problems every now and then. Then he was busy with exams and work. Whereas for me, I can't do any editing but to only wait for him because I'm unfamiliar with that particular blogging platform.

At the end, we decided to change to another blogging platform that I'm more familiar with. It took me 3-4 days to complete the transition. So I think I should share some of my experience!

"What You Should Know Before Creating A Blog/ Website?" 

1. Pick a user-friendly blogging platform.
Try choosing an user-friendly blogging platform and do some research before you started. My suggestion would be WordPress, Blogger and Wix. User friendly site = less headache.

2. Pick a good web hosting company for your domain.
If you're looking to get your own domain, pick a good hosting company. My hosting company is Serverfreak and I would say their customer service is very helpful and super responsive. Most of the time my programmer friend is busy and I had to reach out for their customer service for help, and they helped me solve in almost every issues I requested!

3. Pick a capable, responsive and responsible programmer.
If you want to have a lot of customization for your blog, you need a web programmer. Carefully choose a responsible programmer at a reasonable rate. Remember to request for monthly web maintenance too, you never know when you need a hand.

4. How much time and effort are you willing to manage your own blog?
I spent 3-4 days in transferring my blog to this new blog platform, and almost 2 weeks in customizing on my own. Well of course I did continue with my piano practice/ lessons, study and work but I couldn't write a new post with my undone blog. When I did the customization myself, my friend asked me: "you know how to customize your blog with coding???". It was a torture for me to do all the customization work on my own with my limited programming knowledge from my college days, but no one else will be helping me if I don't do it myself.

Ask yourself if you're willing to sacrifice your sleeps or friend hang-out before getting started.

5. Consistency in blogging.
Then comes the hardest part - the consistency in blogging. Like any other part time bloggers, I thought of quitting in blogging. It wasn't as easy as I'm a stay-in girl who likes to practice the piano with comfy clothes. The photo-taking, make up, editing and writing took quite a bit of time for me to deliver a quality post. But I've came up with a new goal to go along with blogging and it motivates me to be more dedicated to my blog! Yes some exciting news on the way so stay tune! :)

(disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are on my own)

love, Emma

Tuesday 4 October 2016

My 10 Tips for Healthy Hair & Hair Fall Remedies!

People often ask me, why I never consider colouring my hair. Even hairstylists from hair salons frequently ask whether my hair is virgin. LOL, they call chemical free hair virgin and yes, I never done any chemical damages to my hair.

I care about my hair a lot, I could never stand of any damages caused to my precious hair and I couldn't bear hair fall, not even a strand of it. I get very heartache when I see my hair falling on the ground especially when shampooing and hair drying.

Even so, I couldn't skip swimming after I moved into my new apartment. I swim averagely 3 times a week. Anyway I've consulted hairstylists and they told me that the damages of the chlorine in the swimming pool isn't as bad compared to chemical damages to the hair. These few tips are the ones I use to take care of my hair!