Monday 11 October 2021

Why You Should Quit Teflon, TODAY.

So after I shared 阿淇博士 's post about toxicity of Teflon, many mama have PM me and ask me about cookware. 

I'm currently using neoflam (wok and pan), but I honestly think they're too princessy; cannot big fire, need to be very careful when using, soft sponge and everything, and super slow cooking process, don't ever think about frying food using ceramic pan. One of my neoflam pan (because of its design, harder to wash, got minor scratch after using for only a month).

(this Neoflam steamplus got tiny bit of scratch after a month)

For those who cannot tahan slow cooking process, and no wok hei when cooking, then I think ceramic doesn't suit u. At least my mom will fat lan za if I let her use it, my husband also keep complaining how come water won't boil one? what pot I bought? cannot big fire then how to boil? I normal stir fry vege is about 8-10 mins, but I prepare for next dish, or clean the kitchen while cooking. They also not as non stick as PTFE coating pan, and also need to change after using a while. 

In Malaysia, I only know 2 brands - Neoflam & green pan for ceramic pan. But I think it's better to buy in the store, or buy from official store. Ceramic pots and pans very easily got "hurt" while transporting too. Then you'll have some warranty (can return & refund).

But, not all ceramic are safe, many claimed that it's ceramic, but mix with Teflon!!! They called it flourinated ceramic.

Else if you have no patient in slow cooking, and don't like throwing pan, you guys can consider others - Stainless steel, cast iron, 生铁锅 (not sure what it called in english, cast iron wok? those ah ma wok normally used in chiense restaurant). If you have budget, you may also consider enameled cast iron. Ceramic and enameled basically are like stone and glass, they've no reaction with food, can used to cook soury food.

Some of the stone wok, and also honeycomb wok,  contain PFAS too!

Many manufacturer only stated PFOA FREE, didn't mention PTFE FREE, then there's high chance of their product having the PFAS coating. Luxury brand also same, if they're non stick, must check.

How I check? I did research for 1.5 years already (ever since my daughter started solid). I browsed through their official website, if can't find, I ask them directly, else I watch Dr. Achi video, she also very pro in this area. If you're interested, you may find out more about this on her youtube channel -

If you feel like where got so serious woh, eat happily is more important, then you can continue happily use your current wok or pan. But this PTFE is already starting to ban in Maine, USA, it's out in "LAST WEEK TONIGHT" show too. It's very harmful especially to the pregnant ladies, young kids and also breastfeeding moms. You may google how they first discovered and started the test of toxicity of Teflon, it's really scary.

Even if you cook with Teflon wok, and not give your child eat, the toxic fumes they inhale also very dangerous. 

If you're interested to reduce Teflon in your life, you may start changing from the highest temperature cookware in your household. Wok and pan, Oven, air fryer (I can't find any without PTFE yet, Achi's side with her fans same too), waffle maker, rice cooker, hot water dispenser, even cosmetic and also dental floss also got! 

Cookware I'm using:
1. Ceramic wok & pan - Neoflam
2. Stainless steel cookware - Zwiling

Brands I heard not bad but I haven't try (PFAS free):
1. Ceramic - Green Pan, Caraway
2. Enameled cast iron- le crueset, staub
3. Cast iron - Lodge, taku
4. Enameled cast iron (electric) - Vermicular (not sure where to get in Malaysia)
5. Cast iron wok (a ma wok) - River light
6. Pressure cooker - Instant pot (just launched in Malaysia)

From my research, majority of the popular brands in Malaysia has Teflon, if you interested with the brands, we can discuss here, let's work for a PFAS free world. 🙂