Thursday 29 December 2016

Taiwanese Mask Review - GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask

Let's talk about Taiwanese face mask today, the brands I know about Taiwanese brand for masks are just limited to My Beauty Diary, Naruko, Sexy Look, and...I think that's all? 

I'm currently more obsessed to Korean and Japanese brands when comes to facial products and masks. I think it's just the trend. I always believe there are quality brands too produced by other countries.

Thanks to, I have the chance to try out this whitening mask from the brand called GSH. is a website selling Taiwanese brands and aiming to provide trendy fashion and beauty products for Malaysians.

Thursday 22 December 2016

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic - No More Lipstick Stains!

I am not a lipstick girl, I dislike the awkward and uncomfortable feeling to worry about my lipstick stain whenever I drink or eat. I was very reluctant to put on colour on my lips until KOSÉ team sent me a new and innovative product called LIP GEL MAGIC.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Hong Kong Travelogue Part II - Ngong Ping/ The Peak

This post was supposed to be up last week but my laptop just decided to die on me, luckily now I'm still able to use it but I'm certainly fighting with its final moments. Hopefully it can last longer than I think!! Anyway if you haven't already, read my Hong Kong Part I and Hotels Review.

Random but mandatory subway HK shoot!

We checked the weather forecast and went to Ngong Ping on a weekend. Weekdays are always better to avoid the crowd but it was raining and typhoon wasn't totally over. Like the last visit, we hopped on MTR to Tung Chung Station.