Thursday 22 December 2016

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic - No More Lipstick Stains!

I am not a lipstick girl, I dislike the awkward and uncomfortable feeling to worry about my lipstick stain whenever I drink or eat. I was very reluctant to put on colour on my lips until KOSÉ team sent me a new and innovative product called LIP GEL MAGIC.

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic - RM 55

I call this a lipstick protector. It's a lipstick coating goal which protects the lip colour from fading, even after drinking or eating. This semi-opaque, fragrance free product lock in the lipstick colour and making it last longer. 


This LIP GEL MAGIC protect lip colour from staining after drinking, eating, and staining the clothes. 


Let's experiment whether this works over tea time!



The lipstick that I used - KOSÉ ESPRIQUE RD 490 (Bright Lasting Rouge)


A very pigmented and dark colour!




Step 1. After apply lipstick, give lip gel magic tube a good shake with the cap on. Ensure the gel turn semi-transparent after shaking.

Step 2. Press a small amount, about the size of a grain of rice, onto your finger tips.

Step 3. Swipe and apply the Lip Gel Magic evenly over lipstick. Don't forget the corner of your mouth and inside of your lips.

how to

First attempt:

Not quite successful but the lipstick stain wasn't as many as the one without the coating of Lip Gel Magic. 

Second attempt:

Complete success! Only negligible amount of lipstick were found on my tea cup!

On my first attempt, I applied only 1 coat of Lip Gel Magic over my lipstick. For my second attempt, I shaked the Lip Gel Magic tube more thoroughly and apply my corner and inner of my lips too. After a few trials, I realized the result will be better if I tissue off the first layer of my lipstick before applying the Lip Gel Magic.

Besides, this product also give a moisturizing effect on the lips and acts like lip gloss with no colour and fragrance. No worry on the chapped lips either!

Is it hard to remove?
No, just regular lip makeup remover to wipe it off, the Lip Gel Magic would come off together with the lipstick easily.

Now I could have lipstick on a lunch/ tea time/ dinner date!


Some tips for using Lip Gel Magic:
1. Rubbing your lips together repeatedly or touching them with your fingers may cause creasing.

2. For maximum transfer-proof results, use together with KOSÉ lipstick. Other formulas (such as liquid rouge) may not product the best outcome.

Happy holidays!

love, Emma

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