Thursday 21 December 2017

Koh Lipe Travelogue - 3D2N Itinerary & Travel Tips!


I know it's been a while since my Koh Lipe trip but life has been so busy and hectic, and there are thousands of photos from this trip! I've been editing the pictures whenever I get the chance and I'm so happy that I'm now done! 

We visited Koh Lipe, Thailand during the Labour Day holiday this year, it's called the "Maldives of Thailand".

I've blogged about 2 of the reviews of our stays:-

This post is going to be a summary of our 3D2N itinerary!

Tuesday 31 October 2017

No Makeup - Makeup Look with SUGAO

Natural makeup has always been my favourite look. Recently I've discovered a new line from Japanese Makeup Brand - SUGAO. It's a Japanese word (素颜) that denotes bare, natural face, offering products emphasizing on natural and light makeup. This brand aims not only give a boost to the skin, it also aims to achieve a young and vibrant look.

Wednesday 25 October 2017

My Favourite Candles for Stress Relief

I was never good in relieving my stress. Over the past months, I had been suffering from acute neck and shoulder pain almost 24/7 to a point I rather be dead than doing anything. I'm the typical type of stressful girl who does everything to push the limit of myself which only worsen my pain. 

So I've been exploring ways to relieve my stress and release my muscle tension. I tried quite a few: meditations, gym, swimming, reading, music, etc. Then I started to incorporate scented candles into my relaxation routines to help further release my tension.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Healthy Living with Lynnity

Living in this fast-paced era, I rarely have the time to prepare food from scratch at home. Whenever I have the chance to spend time in the kitchen, I'll try my best to use as many fresh and organic food as possible. But often we consume food and drink without concerning about the ingredients which could do harm to our health.

I spent some time studying the company - Lynnity when I was offered the opportunity to collaborate them. Lynnity (Let the Farm be your Pharmacy) is a company produce natural wellness & beauty supplement. Their philosophy is to provide natural phyto-nutrient, scientifically designed and formulated products. They believe that plant is the best way to support good health and always desire to discover the planet’s natural wealth of superfoods. 

Since most of their products are made from natural food and plants which could be beneficial to our health, I decided to try out their products. All of their products are halal tested too.

Thursday 10 August 2017

Althea 1st Product - Petal Velvet Powder

My all-time favourite K-beauty online shopping site - Althea has finally launched their first beauty product! It's a loose powder - Petal Velvet Powder with a silky finish made with natural ingredients derived from Korea!

Friday 14 July 2017

Bluetooth Earphones Review - Philips MyJam FreshTone

I'm listening to Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 with this Philips MyJam FreshTone Bluetooth Earphones with Mic - SHB5250 while writing this post, before starting to write deeper review, I'm already very satisfied with the quality of the sound. Listening to various of performances is a daily routine for me as a pianist, but I only possessed the wired earphones until I received this bluetooth headset from Philips.

Wednesday 5 July 2017

My Top 10 Korean Skincare Products

It's been about 2 years since I switched to K-beauty, the main reason that I'm so in love with them is because most of the products are made from natural ingredients. The quality is so good and the price isn't expensive!

I've always wanted to do a post like this but I figured I should at least try sufficient products to do so. I try to finish my products before purchasing new ones, and I only try a new product each time to see how my skin reacts to it. That's why I take some time to figure out which are the best to my skin, and here it is after 2 years of trying all sorts of different Korean skincare products!

Monday 19 June 2017

Fashion Challenge | Denim Jacket


I'm back on this space, after exactly 3 weeks? Can't believe time flies! I wasn't feeling too well for the past weeks that's why I'm neglecting this space and other social media a little, but well I'm back!

Since I was little, fashion isn't my thing. I always needed to rush for classes, studying hardcore-ly (burning midnight oil was my fav thing to do because I always thought that I could never finish study), or practiced the piano at least an hour a day. The little time I had I spent on watching TV (guilty as much) and care for my skin. My sister used to mock me a lot with my fashion sense. Well I just replied her what I wear isn't important hah! 

To improve my fashion sense, which is a need for a blogger? I wanted to start a fashion challenge on this space. So feel free to give comment or advice as I'm still learning! 

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Get Ready With Me x Althea

I mostly do my Korean beauty shopping at Althea, aside from promotions, they have a great deal from time to time which is beauty box. I love how they come up with this idea, they will assemble products according to the theme and normally they have 2-3 different beauty boxes each time, and the box varies with different theme every month too. I ordered a "Get Ready With Me'' box last month to try out!

Products will be listed down in the description on their website, if we like that month's box, we could just place order. It's a great way (or lazy way) to discover new Korean skincare or makeup! There's no need for monthly subscription so we could just buy anytime we like.

Friday 26 May 2017

Koh Lipe Resort Review - Mali Resort Pattaya Beach

Here is our second night stay in Koh Lipe at Mali Resort, and of course the room is equipped with air-conditioner!

From what I've been research, the price of decent room with air-conditioner is almost double compared to the rooms without air-conditioner in Koh Lipe. The electricity supply in this island must be very expensive. 

Saturday 13 May 2017

Koh Lipe Resort Review - Longbay Lipe Bungalow


We stayed in 2 resorts during our 3 days 2 nights trip in Koh Lipe, and today I'm going to write the review of our first night stay! Koh Lipe's hotels and resorts aren't as cheap as other locations in Thailand, and many of their hotels are not equip with air-conditioner! That is very unusual for me, and I never stay in a hotel without air-conditioner. 

At first I didn't wanted to choose this one, (yes this is the room without air-cond), but there are limited choices and most of the air-conditioning rooms are pricey. So to meet my minimum requirement - cleanliness and budget, I picked this resort for the first night. 

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Lazada New Payment - MOLPay CASH

Online shopping is very convenient nowadays, we could shop for anything we want with just a click away! Lazada Malaysia has been one of my trusted online shopping sites, and they had just launched a new cash payment method - MOLPayMOLPay is the leading payment in southeast Asia and a payment method done over the counter. In short, you could now do online shopping with Lazada Malaysia app on your phone and pay with cash at 7-Eleven. 

Tuesday 25 April 2017

54 Hours Offline | Koh Lipe Weekend Getaway


Today is a Tuesday-blue/ post-holiday syndrome for me, as I just got back from a short weekend getaway from the beautiful island in Koh Lipe! It was a last minute trip and I was astounded by this amazing little island. That place is just serene and beautiful. 

I decided not to get too busy with my phone and managed to went offline for the entire trip, total of 54 hours! So proud of myself LOL. If you're wondering there was WiFi in the hotel room but I decided not to get online, the trip was just too short for me to enjoy! Even photo taking alone took up so much of my time (there was 1000+ pics for this trip!).

Monday 24 April 2017

Shizens VISAGE Makeup Collection Review

This is my first time trying out Shizens products, and I'm happy because this series - VISAGE collection is natural and light. That is my 2 main concerns because residing in the hot and humid weather in Malaysia, I really dislike the discomfort feeling of wearing thick foundation and smudgy make up. 

Friday 21 April 2017

Relax Your Eyes - KAO Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask

Eyes are one of the body parts that working the most everyday; working on computers, reading, watching TV, and not to mention the addiction to smart phones. Most of the days my eyes are feeling exhausted at the end of the day and needed some relaxation. 

I've heard about the eye mask from KAO Megrhythm from my favourite Taiwanese beauty TV show - 女人我最大 and wanted to try them out long ago, I'm glad KAO sent me 5 boxes of their eye masks for me to review! 

Tuesday 11 April 2017

The 2-in-1 Cleanser: Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil to Foam

Cleansing is very important in my skincare regime, I might skip skincare once in a while when I'm lazy but I never skip the cleansing step. My skincare philosophy is always...

"Clean skin = Healthy skin" 

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Macau Eiffel Tower & Travelogue

I was actually planning to skip this Macau post but at last I decided to publish this post because of this newly-built stunning Eiffel Tower! It's called The Parisian Macao. This is the only attraction I anticipated for as it was my second visit to Macau, the romantic Eiffel Tower is always girls' dream isn't it?

Wednesday 22 March 2017

XOX Mobile & Universal Music Malaysia | OneMusic SIM Card

If you're a music maniac who can't live without listening to music, and you're looking for a new package to subscribe to, this might be the one for you. XOX MOBILE and Universal Music Malaysia have formed a first-of-its-kind partnership to deliver innovative digital music content as part of XOX Mobile’s focus to reward their loyal subscribers.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine, Does It Work?

I've been incorporating 10-12 steps Korean skincare routine for a while now, about 1-2 months. As a beauty blogger, my skincare routine was about 7-8 steps. I slowly added extra steps into my daily skincare routine and it's now 12 steps. 

At first I was intimidated by so many steps but after I learnt that 12 steps routine includes weekly exfoliation and masks, it's actually not as many steps on the daily basis. The concept is simple, apply the products from the lightest to heaviest. So depending on your skincare products, your routine might be a little different from mine. 

Tuesday 28 February 2017

10 Must-Eat Food in Hong Kong/ Macau

I've learnt my lesson on my first trip to Hong Kong, I didn't do a proper research on ''What To Eat in Hong Kong'' and half of the time we were paying for expensive and awful meal. And normally in Hong Kong, the price of the good food and awful food are about the same, so why pay the same price for low quality food?

In this post, I've compiled 10 of the good food to eat in Hong Kong and Macau, and of course I didn't get to eat all the good food so I'll list down some of the other must try food too!

Saturday 28 January 2017

Häagen-Dazs™ Limited Edition: Honey Walnut & Cream

Happy Chinese New Year! 

Yes, I myself couldn't believe I'm here writing a blog post on the first day of Chinese New Year. As always Chinese New Year is a boring one to me, we're the sole family here in my second hometown and our relatives aren't here with us, so means no 拜年, visiting on Chor Yat. Meanwhile, my mom is watching some China dramas that couldn't catch my interest at all, I feel so reluctant to practice on my old-crappy piano and I couldn't get any house chores done on Chor Yat based on the traditions, so here I am spending a portion of my Chor Yat on this space. Nonetheless, Chinese New Year means yearly reunion with my beloved family, and I am truly blessed to be spending some joyful time with them. :)

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Denim on Denim ft. Whoosh Eyewear

Hello there!!

It's my first fashion post of the year! As the time goes by, fashion isn't just about following the fast-moving trend for me anymore, it's about how I feel like styling based on my own personalities, mood and body type. I had a fun time shooting with this "Denim on Denim" look, so I think I should start writing some posts about fashion too?

Wednesday 11 January 2017

2016 IN RECAP | Things I'm Grateful For...


How's the new year doing for you? I've been thinking whether should I do this post but I finally decided to be more open up to you guys! 

#2016bestnine from Instagram

"2016 has been a year full of changes to me!" 

Thursday 5 January 2017

Upgrade Your Bath/Shower Routine | I Love... & Kustie

I'm still suffering from post holiday syndrome, but I figured it's time for me to gear myself up and start working! First post of the year will be the review of floral and fruity bath/ shower gels from I Love... and Kustie!