Wednesday 5 April 2017

Macau Eiffel Tower & Travelogue

I was actually planning to skip this Macau post but at last I decided to publish this post because of this newly-built stunning Eiffel Tower! It's called The Parisian Macao. This is the only attraction I anticipated for as it was my second visit to Macau, the romantic Eiffel Tower is always girls' dream isn't it?


I visited Macau end of August last year and the Eiffel Tower was still under construction. We walked around the perimeter of the construction area to get a nice shot but it was a hard task! But it worth the effort as it is amazing and emits different colours of lighting at night too! 

I'm not sure how this is compared to the original in Paris one but it definitely added some romantic vibe to the city of Macau. Visiting Paris is in my bucket list but for now, I'm grateful  to get to witness this amazing architecture work.  

Now, let move on to other part of my Macau trip!

We took this Cotai Water Jet from Hong Kong to Macau!

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Ruins of St. Paul

We then took a stroll around the area, there are a lot of shops selling Macau biscuits and souvenirs. 



A Ma Temple


Macau Tower

The amazing Macau view from the tower!



If you're adventurous enough, you may sign up for activities like bungee jumping. A few of us screamed while we witness the bungee jumping happening outside the window and my heart skipped a beat. I'm afraid of height maybe that's why haha! 

Venetian Macau
A place for gambling (casino), shopping and food!

Their gold-theme restroom amazed me.

Venetian-style building

Fisherman's Wharf
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A windy and relaxing harbour!



There are stores and restaurants built in the style of ancient western country buildings, I felt like I was in Roman for a second!

Travel Tips:

1. Visit Ruins of St. Paul as early as possible to get a nice shot, the picture I took was around 830am and the crowd was starting to flood in. (note: the opening hours is 9am/ suggestion: take nice picture before 9am then visit the inside of the ruins after 9am) 

2. There are few restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf and the view is amazing to dine in by the riverside. 

3. Free shuttle bus provided by casinos. 

4. The jet we took from Hong Kong to Macau was purchased at 丁丁旅行社at a cheaper price,  they sell some travel packages in Macau too!  
(Address: 旺角彌敦道582號信和中心1407A室/ Facebook: 香港丁丁旅行社 / Website:

love, Emma

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