Tuesday 27 November 2018

Lennox Enzymes - The Inner Body Detox

As a beauty junkie who loves skincare products a lot, I believe that the food we consume is the biggest factor to our beautiful skin. However, juggling between jobs, practicing, performances and constantly meeting deadlines, sometimes I'm just consuming less nutritiousness food that is easy and quick and they sure ain't doing any good to my body. 

I was introduced to this new products from Lennox, an enzyme product that could helps with inner body cleanse comprehensively. In short, enzymes are proteins that are taking care of chemical balancing in our body, without enzymes, our metabolism rate and cells renewal will be affected. Furthermore, the enzymes in our body decline by age.

lennox 1How you know when you need a good body detoxing.

Our body often sends us signals when it needs extra care or a form of detoxing, mine usually are acne skin and fatigue. So be aware of your body signals from time to time to know when it needs a deep detoxing!


There are four different types of enzyme products by Lennox - Waterful Skin Enzyme, Diet Enzyme, Collagen Enzyme and Antioxidant & Probiotic Enzyme.

DSC_8243Lennox Antioxidant & Probiotic Enzyme (5g x 14 sac) - RM 38.80


There are three types of naturally sourced probiotics strains plus - Prebiotics in this enzyme. It's a probiotic to aid with digestive system. Those who has issue with their digestive system should try this out. 

DSC_8245Lennox Collagen Enzyme (5g x 14 sac) - RM 38.80


As we all know collagen enhances skin radiance and helps making our skin brighter and this product contains 3000mg of Aqueous Marine Collagen! That's a lot of collagen which we girls love to make our skin doink doink!! I can't say no to this, seriously.

DSC_8238Lennox Diet Enzyme (5g x 14 sac) - RM 32.80 


When you hit a block on your dieting journey, you may opt for this as a metabolism boost, and you get to enhance immune system at the same time!

DSC_8240Lennox Waterful Skin Enzyme (5g x 14 sac) - RM 38.80


Aside from collagen which helps with our skin, this is the second products that helps to restore the skin moisture! Ceramide plumps the skin and holds moisture and they are derived from natural rice ceramide, time to say goodbye to dry skin!


With the reasonable price, anyone could gives their body a good cleanse from time to time. Depending on your needs and body symptoms, there's sure one of the four that suits your body needs. And good thing is they are all derived from natural properties of botanical active ingredients, I like to treat my body with natural products.  

In all the enzyme products, there are 126 mixed fruits & vegetables extracts!

lennox 2
When you're too busy with work/ study, 1 sachet a day is all you need to replenish the needs of vegetables/ fruits!


Super convenient packaging that's easy to bring on the go, drop a few sachets in your bag to school/ work, and consume directly from the sachet as needed. 

Tips: Drink at least 8 glasses water a day to improve the effectiveness

This is how they look like, in very fine powder form.

The flavour are all in apple yogurt! Very fruity and yougurty and tastes just like apple yogurt that is selling on the supermarket! 

(Recommended dosage: 1 - 2 sachet daily.)


If you're interested to give your body a good cleanse after reading this, they are available only at selected Watsons Malaysia stores, as well as on their website - www.watsons.com.my!

love, Emma


  1. nice..so what is your review on them??

    1. review are basically simple as I reviewed them, price point is very affordable too.

  2. Please advise when is the best time to consume them??

    1. any time u prefer, as the packaging is quite easy to carry. I personally love to consume during night time. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hi, can i consume two different sachets in a day but different time?

  4. 一定要4款也一起吃吗?

    1. no need. just choose the ones suit your lifestyles and need :)

  5. Enzyme works more effectively with consuming of warm water.