Tuesday 6 November 2018

Lab11 Full-Lift Shampoo and Soft Mask Review

I was invited over for LAB11’s Full-Lift Product Exclusive Private Preview at the end of last month. They are local brand in Malaysia created by a team of experienced hair and beauty experts - Global Story. As a beauty blogger, it's not very common that we get invited to a local brand, and I decided to try because they uses natural ingredients in their products!

Lovely event on a Saturday evening. 


Look at all the natural ingredients used in their full-lift shampoo and soft mask!

Active Ingredients:

Unboxing time!

Besides using 100% natural extract, 100% pure essential oils, they have no artificial colouring, fragrance free and MIT/ CMIT free too!

Time to try them out!

Firstly, the Lab11 Full-Lift Shampoo (300 ml).

Watercress extract strengthen hair roots, increased hair follicular density and thus plumping up the hair shaft to make your hair look fuller. Results? Lighter and thicker hair after shampooing. Experience the uplifting and refreshing effects from the added pure lime, orange, peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils in the shampoo by massaging on your scalp during washes.

Light consistency.



Love the scent of the shampoo, lightly scented with all the infused essential oils. It's like diffusing a mixture of my favourite essential oils after a long day of work. A total relaxing hair spa day!

Just enough bubbles to wash off the oils and dirt.

Tip: comb the hair before shampooing.

Then the Lab11 Full-Lift Soft Mask (250ml).

Rich in argan oil, olive oil and amino acids, this soft mask is to replenish, hydrate and restructures split ends and broken hair shafts to reduce frizz and static. It will leave your hair feeling manageable from root to tip and the natural watercress extracts help to strengthen hair roots and plumping up the hair shaft to make your hair looks fuller. The Morrocan Argan oil is high in vitamin E, which can rejuvenate the hair, protect the follicle beds, and improve the shine and overall appearance.

Creamy texture, feels like between a conditioner and a hair mask.

Apply them after shampooing the hair from mid-length to end.

Tip: towel dry the hair a little before applying for better absorption.

Then use a wide tooth comb to spread it all over the hair, rinse after 2-4 mins.

Short waiting time, it's just like using a conditioner but it moisturizes a little more than a regular conditioner.

The before and after.

My verdict? Their shampoo and soft mask are suitable for oily hair type or those who has some scalp issues. It feels light and I'm obsessed with the mixture of essential oils (I love smelling essential oils!). With all the ingredients used, the products not only care for the scalp but the hair too! It's a ALL-IN-ONE hair products. I would recommend them to male friends too as they feels rather light comparing to other hair products, perfect for Malaysia's weather.


If you're interested to try them, hop over to their 
website - http://www.lab11international.com/ , Facebook or Instagram !

love, Emma

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