Sunday 20 November 2016

Digital Detox Update: Benefits & Apps to Use!

I know it's been a while to do this update but I figured I should! Checking back my "Blog-To-Do" and starting to clear off my posts one by one. You may read my first post at as introduction if you have no idea what it is! 

"How I benefited from Digital Detox"
1. I exercise regularly
I was really lazy about exercising, not a fan to sweat at all. After digital detoxing, I managed to keep up with my exercise routine at least twice a week. I usually do treadmills and swim. I'm surprise at myself to manage to keep up this good habit. It was hard at first, but after doing it for months, my body starting to like the routine and feel weird for not exercising.

2. I'm more organized
I was a very messy person before. I didn't how to organize my belongings, nor keeping up with my own life schedule. I was that kind of person who just do things I feel like doing at that time. By replacing my waiting time to organizing stuffs, I slowly learn how to organizing things. When I wait for my housemates or friends to head out for dinner, I use that time to organize a corner of my house than scrolling my phone, I'm using a planner to plan my schedule too!

3. I read books
I was only a text book person before, I wasn't interested in reading anything. By having more time to myself, I read. The first book I started was "A Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Paulo Coelho. I've been reading ever since then, mostly inspirational books. 

4. I have better sleep and manage to wake up earlier
You probably heard about the blue light of gadgets that affect sleeps, and it is real! Cutting off the usage of gadgets before sleep helps in better sleep. Better still, replace your bed time routine from "Facebook" reading to "Real book" reading. You will see how it does the wonder to your life.

5. I'm more efficient at work and study
I am more concentrate in my work, study and piano practice. 

"Apps I used"

I didn't use any apps for my second Digital Detox. The second time wasn't as hard as the first time, all I need is a strong mind. "Do I have to use my phone now?", "Is it necessary?", I'll ask myself questions like that. As I love to watch interesting K-dramas like many other girls do, I'll limit myself to only 1 Korean dramas to follow at the same time. Well we certainly still need some entertainment time. :)

1. Android products
Apps: "Break Free"

2. Apple products

Apps: "Moment"

Both apps track the total time and summary of your phone usage (eg: how much time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, games etc...). Try download and track your phone usage time, you'll be surprised! You'll realize the phrase we often hear: "no time to do this" or "no time for exercise" were all just excuses. You can read my how I used the apps in detail on my dayre on Day 250, 7th Sep 2015 or direct link >

love, Emma

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Hong Kong & Macau Accomodations!

Hello there! I finally able to do the continuation blogging of my Hong Kong/ Macau travelogue! I know it's been a while since my last Hong Kong post but I'm gonna catch up and finish blogging them real soon! If you haven't read my part I yet, the link is here -> !