Tuesday 25 April 2017

54 Hours Offline | Koh Lipe Weekend Getaway


Today is a Tuesday-blue/ post-holiday syndrome for me, as I just got back from a short weekend getaway from the beautiful island in Koh Lipe! It was a last minute trip and I was astounded by this amazing little island. That place is just serene and beautiful. 

I decided not to get too busy with my phone and managed to went offline for the entire trip, total of 54 hours! So proud of myself LOL. If you're wondering there was WiFi in the hotel room but I decided not to get online, the trip was just too short for me to enjoy! Even photo taking alone took up so much of my time (there was 1000+ pics for this trip!).

I've been disconnected from the internet world for more than 2 days and I'm now still well and alive. I did inform my family members before leaving for the trip, updated my insta-stories before going offline so that my friends would know that I'm going for a vacation.

The feeling of fully indulge myself on my entire trip is just wonderful. No internet, no iPad, no computer, no phone, no TV. Updates on the social media can be waited after the trip. I blogged about the benefits and apps to use for Digital Detox you may read it here.

I'm going to take a short rest for now, the trip is a short but a fatigue one. Can't wait to share about this incredible trip with you guys! Stay tune. :)

love, Emma

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