Monday 19 June 2017

Fashion Challenge | Denim Jacket


I'm back on this space, after exactly 3 weeks? Can't believe time flies! I wasn't feeling too well for the past weeks that's why I'm neglecting this space and other social media a little, but well I'm back!

Since I was little, fashion isn't my thing. I always needed to rush for classes, studying hardcore-ly (burning midnight oil was my fav thing to do because I always thought that I could never finish study), or practiced the piano at least an hour a day. The little time I had I spent on watching TV (guilty as much) and care for my skin. My sister used to mock me a lot with my fashion sense. Well I just replied her what I wear isn't important hah! 

To improve my fashion sense, which is a need for a blogger? I wanted to start a fashion challenge on this space. So feel free to give comment or advice as I'm still learning! 

For this post, I'm doing a Fashion Challenge on Denim Jacket!

What I Wear:
1. Denim Jacket: Jaspal 
2. Top: H&M
3. Cross-body bag: Mango
4. Bottom: Bangkok


I bought this Denim Jacket during my Bangkok trip, it has become my favourite jacket now.

and I love the details!





Personally love this jacket very much, it's easy to match with my outfit and level up my look instantly. The quality of the fabric is soft too, just enough to keep warm in an air-conditioning space. 

love, Emma

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