Saturday 13 May 2017

Koh Lipe Resort Review - Longbay Lipe Bungalow


We stayed in 2 resorts during our 3 days 2 nights trip in Koh Lipe, and today I'm going to write the review of our first night stay! Koh Lipe's hotels and resorts aren't as cheap as other locations in Thailand, and many of their hotels are not equip with air-conditioner! That is very unusual for me, and I never stay in a hotel without air-conditioner. 

At first I didn't wanted to choose this one, (yes this is the room without air-cond), but there are limited choices and most of the air-conditioning rooms are pricey. So to meet my minimum requirement - cleanliness and budget, I picked this resort for the first night. 




The Room

There are 2 stories and ours one is at the ground floor.

The bed.

The bed itself is quite comfy, but funny thing is they didn't remove the plastic cover for the headboard.  I guess it's their way of keeping the headboard clean?

And yes there's no air-conditioner available in this room! 

Only a ceiling fan,

and a huge stand fan.



A small area for us to drop our luggage.


The windows and doors are shut even during daytime as the mosquitoes crowd is crazy, so we slept at night without a good air-ventilation. I read online review about this resort there are some travellers seen a snake before, so that even frightened us more. The owner did tell us not to open any doors or windows during 5-7pm as that's the active time of snakes. 

Is the room hot?

It's quite hot during the day time, we sweated right away even after taking a cold shower, but it's still manageable during night time, the huge stand fan releases strong wind but the air-ventilation is bad (unless you're brave enough to open windows). If you ever choose this resort too, remember to request for a ground floor room, the room upstairs is even hotter.

The Bathroom

no hot shower too!

There's this funny little chopped tree in the bathroom, which makes the space more natural, but weird.


another small area in the bathroom for toiletries.

shower gel, shampoo, conditioner & toothbrush kit provided.

The sink.

The Balcony


This area looks the most cozy but we couldn't stay outside for more than 5 minutes, there are mosquitoes even when the sun is shining at its brightest. All the mosquitoes are very huge, no joke! 



The Breakfast

The American breakfast with tropical fruits.

Good thing about our stay here is their hospitality, all the staff here are very generous and friendly. The breakfast here is basically FREE FLOW, like buffet. We had 3 plates of fruits and 5 cups of tea. The guy next to my table ordered another set of bread & omelette. All the staff here is more than happy to serve another plate for you. 

They even provided us with 10 mineral water bottles! We didn't have to buy mineral water during our stay here.

The Beach


This hotel is just next to Long Bay beach, a quieter beach in the island. Although from what I observed, most of the resorts and hotels in Koh Lipe are by the beach as the island is comparably small. 


1. Cheaper - our room is priced at RM 237.12 after tax per night at Agoda.
2. Friendly & helpful staff
3. A stay in the nature
4. Huge room
5. Close to quiet beach
6. Clean
7. Generous breakfast provided

1. No air-conditioner
2. WiFi provided but slow connection
3. Too many mosquitoes
4. A little far from the main area but it's still a walk-able distance
5. No TV
6. No other appliances provided such as hair dryer, electric kettle etc.
7. No hot shower

391 Moo 7, Koh Saray, Muang, Satun, Sunset Beach, Koh Lipe, Thailand, 91000

How to get there?

We get there by taking a tuk-tuk car at 100 bath by telling the driver the name of the resort.

Our second night stay with air-conditioner will be up soon! :)

love, Emma

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