Wednesday 25 October 2017

My Favourite Candles for Stress Relief

I was never good in relieving my stress. Over the past months, I had been suffering from acute neck and shoulder pain almost 24/7 to a point I rather be dead than doing anything. I'm the typical type of stressful girl who does everything to push the limit of myself which only worsen my pain. 

So I've been exploring ways to relieve my stress and release my muscle tension. I tried quite a few: meditations, gym, swimming, reading, music, etc. Then I started to incorporate scented candles into my relaxation routines to help further release my tension.

1. Indian Jasmine Peppermint from KARMAKAMET

This is my first purchase of scented candle. I got it when I was travelling to Bangkok earlier this year. I fell in love with it after the first burn! My first thought? WHY DIDN'T I BUY MORE OF THEM?? 

The Scent: I feel like I'm in a spa heaven every time I burn this candle. It smells like very luxurious Asian (Thai/ Indian/ Indonesia-like) spa with natural aroma, but the intensity of the scents is strong.


The price was only 550 bath when I bought it at around Feb, 2017. It's considerably cheap compare to the scented candles I could find in  Malaysia.

2. Stress Relief/ Antistress from Bath & BodyWorks


I love burning this candle during self-care session, giving myself a little me-time with doing face masks, reading, and writing journal.

The Scent: Light mixed of essential oil with a little of apple-like taste, soothing and relaxing.

3. Midnight Blue Citrus from Bath & BodyWorks

Most of Bath & Body Works candles are relatively strong and perfume-like but I personally prefer lighter and more natural scents. I picked this because the it smells rather light compare to others. 

The Scent: Light, fresh with citrus-y taste. The ingredients give a well mixed scent which is beyond my expectation. 

I bought 2 large (3-wick candles) during sales at only RM 189.

By choosing the right scents, lighting up aromatic candles is one of the easiest way for relaxation. Less stress, less tension then less pain, and they give a good vibe to unwind after a hectic day too. 

Today's burn: Stress Relief ❤

love, Emma

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