Tuesday 31 October 2017

No Makeup - Makeup Look with SUGAO

Natural makeup has always been my favourite look. Recently I've discovered a new line from Japanese Makeup Brand - SUGAO. It's a Japanese word (素颜) that denotes bare, natural face, offering products emphasizing on natural and light makeup. This brand aims not only give a boost to the skin, it also aims to achieve a young and vibrant look.

I'm going to try 3 of their products.

1. Sugao Air Fit CC Cream
There are 3 different variety of CC Cream - Pink Bright, Moist and Smooth (RM 69.90)

The texture and benefits:

  • SPF23 PA+++
  • Souffle-like texture (produce light and smooth skin)
  • Air-Fit design (cover pores/ uneven skin)
  • Thin layer of 0.01mm
  • Absorbs excess sebum 
  • Colour correct
  • Blur visible pores, fine lines and rough skin
  • Free of fragrance and alcohol
  • Makeup base

I tried the Pure Natural 01 designed for bright skin tone


Texture is very light, even lighter than some sunscreen products. However the the texture is a little dry for my skin so I'll have to moisturize my skin before applying this. The coverage is rather low, it only correct my skin tone and smooth the pores. 


2. Sugao Cheek and Lip
3 shades available at RM 59.90 each

The shade I tried is in brilliant pink.


The texture and benefits:
  • 2-in-1 for cheek and lip
  • Fluffly and souffle-like texture
  • Formulated to create natural rosy cheek and bright lip



Blends very well and literally melts into my skin. I had some wine with this on and my boyfriend asked me whether was my cheek turned pinkist-red because of the wine or the makeup I put on. Honestly I've no idea I guess it's both? It looks so natural on my skin as if I'm blushing.

3. Sugao Lip Tint
Available in 3 colours at RM 45.90 each

Trying on the colour of sweet pink.



I'm never a lipstick person because I often feel awkward after applying one. I hate the stains caused by the lipstick and I often have that awkward lip movement when I'm chatting with lipstick on. This is a game-changer. For the first time in my life I applied a lip colour twice, the colour is just so natural as if it's my own lip colour. It's super light, weightless and most importantly, it doesn't smudge! 


This is a perfect combination for the "no makeup" makeup look for a date night to deceive your boyfriend or your crush. They won't even know if you're putting on any makeup, others will just think that you've a very good skin and that pink-ist lip and cheek is just  your natural colour.

Here's a pic in different lighting for better look.

another one.

Honestly you'll need to have a perfect skin to only use their CC cream, so I added some mascara and some concealer to cover my dark circles and acne scars on my chin. The CC cream alone doesn't conceal any imperfections on the skin.



The Sugao Makeup Series is only available at selected Watsons outlets, my favourite would be their lip tint and also cheek and lip! They basically added some colour on my face and make my face look more bright and as if I'm glowing from within. For more information of their products, visit their website at www.sugao.com.my or their official Facebook

love, Emma

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