Thursday 29 December 2016

Taiwanese Mask Review - GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask

Let's talk about Taiwanese face mask today, the brands I know about Taiwanese brand for masks are just limited to My Beauty Diary, Naruko, Sexy Look, and...I think that's all? 

I'm currently more obsessed to Korean and Japanese brands when comes to facial products and masks. I think it's just the trend. I always believe there are quality brands too produced by other countries.

Thanks to, I have the chance to try out this whitening mask from the brand called GSH. is a website selling Taiwanese brands and aiming to provide trendy fashion and beauty products for Malaysians.

GSH Extravagant Light Whitening Mask

It's a whitening mask which mainly benefits the skin with high antioxidant, whitening, repairing and anti-aging. There are other benefits such as soothing, moisturizing and firming too. Of course, the main benefits from this mask are brightening and whitening.

It basically means the technology of combining GSH antioxidant, whitening and organic ingredients formula.

Each box contains 5 pcs.


  • 1 box (5 pcs)      - RM   69.90   
  • 3 boxes (15 pcs) - RM 159.90 
  • 6 boxes (30 pcs) - RM 299.90  


Each mask has 3 layers!

The blue sheet, white pearl sheet and the mask in the middle.

After removing the white pearl part (the bottom one in the picture above), apply the mask (the middle one) to the skin.


Then remove the blue sheet! It has some remaining essence left so don't forget to apply it on your neck, or any part of your body! I used it on my knees because they're desperately in need of some whitening too!


I'm quite satisfied with this mask. The mask itself is designed in such a thin layer and attached very well to the skin. With this design, I could barely miss a spot. Another thing I love about it is the essence is not dripping at all! The ultra thin design makes the absorption better too.

This whitening mask works better with the BHK's whitening supplements with the same ingredient called 穀胱甘太. 


More information about this mask -
or other BHK's products -

love, Emma

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