Wednesday 7 September 2016

HONG KONG Part 1 - Times Square/ Meeting with HK Star/ Avenue of Stars

This was my second visit to Hong Kong city. This time we weren't as lucky because the typhoon was just over, the city was either raining or sun was burning up in the sky. So our itinerary on the first two days was just visiting shopping malls, or strolling around the busy streets.

But we were lucky during our visit to Times Square at Causeway Bay, there were some sort of exhibitions going on! :)

Xiang asked me a few times what were all those zodiac warriors were but honestly, I have no idea, pictures first and answer later! Now I know that was 30th Anniversary of SAINT SEIYA. They are the Knights of the Zodiac, Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada.







We tried to catch the symbolic Symphony of Lights at night, but unfortunately it was under construction! We had to take a longer walking distance and there were no light show too.  


Only took a few pictures since we were already there, quite disappointing for us.


I guess I need a better camera to take picture in the dark like this! Hair was messy too due to the rain and sweat after a long day. :(


We then strolled around the Mong Kok street after dinner, which is a must-do in Hong Kong! And there came the highlight of my trip, I met a prominent Hong Kong star- Francis Ng!!!


My curiosity was piqued when I first saw this car accident scene, and I thought why is the crowd surrounding the shooting scene? When I couldn't spot any familiar faces I just continue to shop around the hustle street but then....

He was just right in front of me, like only 5 steps away!!!! 


When you weren't expecting to meet famous figure like him, you get double excitement!! Love him since he was playing the roll of Sam Kor in Triumph in the Skies !! OMG it was really#starstruck


Some little tips for travel to Hong Kong at the end of August:

1. Check the weather forecast if you're travelling around this area, usually it is raining/ typhoon season.

2. Bring an umbrella, I thought it wasn't necessary but I ended up bought a new one there.

3. Bring extra clothes if you're travelling during summer time, it was hotter than Malaysia!

4. Same like last Hong Kong trip, we bought our tickets in advance in 丁丁旅行社at a cheaper price, (Address: 旺角彌敦道582號信和中心1407A室/ Facebook: 香港丁丁旅行社 / Website: ). They're selling all sorts of tickets (Disneyland/ Ocean Park etc... including jet to Macau.)

*I travelled to Hong Kong from 18th- 23rd August, 2016. 

Signing off for now, feel free to check back this space for more updates of my Hong Kong/ Macau trip!