Sunday 7 August 2016

Digital Detox!

While many are getting more attached to the phones and gadgets since the launch of the new game Pokémon GO last Saturday, I am starting my second digital detox. I had my first digital detox exactly 1 year ago, it's time to do another digital cleanse!


I didn't know what to call my digital cleanse back then, I invented the word "Gadget Detox". I then only found out the right internet terminology for this is actually "Digital Detox". I updated my daily progress on my first digital cleanse on Dayre, you may search by using the hastag #GadgetDetox if you're interested.


I never subscribe to data plan, ever. Back then I thought I wasn't attached to my gadgets like most of the people do. I don't use my phone when I'm driving; I don't use my phone when I'm eating; I don't use my phone when I'm at work; I don't use my phone in the bathroom; and the list goes on and on. But one day, there was this idea crossed my mind, I was mentally connected to gadgets even though physically not.


I time my gadget usage, including phone, iPad, TV and computer when I do something that's not work-related. Game, chatting, social media and so on. I never use snapchat and I'm not going to install Pokémon GO too.

  1. Maximum time spend on gadgets per day should be less than 1 hour.
  2. Only check the phone for important messages 3 times a day, each time after meal.
  3. Download apps to keep track the phone usage per day.

I suppose my second digital detox will be easier, I'm doing it again for better work efficiency and lesser attachment to the digital world. Well let's see what are the differences from the first one and I'll update soon!


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