Thursday 11 January 2018

IBKEEO Premium Mouthwash Review (with Ginseng Extract!)

I don't use mouthwash as often as I needed because a few years ago, I read an article/news that someone was diagnosed with mouth cancer from overusing mouthwash! Although I wanted to maintain my oral hygiene, I only use regular mouthwash few times a month (because I was terrified of the harsh chemical in it that'll cause unnecessary illness).

Until I discovered this mouthwash from Korea, it's a premium mouthwash that contains fine Ginseng extract!

The main ingredients

Most of the ingredients are from natural extract that helps us to maintain our oral hygiene daily and can be used twice a day. 

IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash is enhanced with Korean ginseng (protect oral hygiene through anti-oxidation process and prevent tooth decay), white peony (antibacterial, control bacteria growth), sodium fluoride (prevent tooth decay, preserve oral freshness) and allantoin (whitening, strengthening, prevent periodontal and gum diseases), total care for oral health.


More importantly, it contains no alcohol and leaves no burning sensation at all, it tastes so much like herbal soup, for someone who loves and so used to drinking herbal soup like me, you'll need to be a little bit careful not to swallow it. 


Only 30 sec of rinsing required!

I've sensitive front teeth and this mouthwash doesn't irritate my front teeth at all, and it feels a lot more gentle for my teeth and gums too. 

Before rinsing.

Black substance spotted after rinsing!

The black substances are the protein leftover from our mouth, extra cleaning for our teeth! The product a little pricey compare to regular mouthwash but it's worth it, now I can use mouthwash every night without worrying about anything. It's priced at RM 98 (West Malaysia) & RM 108 (East Malaysia) for 520 ml.

For more information please head over to their offficial website -

love, Emma

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