Tuesday 26 June 2018

Singapore International Piano Festival (Dang Thai Son)


In a blink of eyes, half of 2018 has passed. Time just slipped thorough our fingers. I've been focusing on my neck & shoulder recovery and piano practicing for the first half of this year, and I'm glad I finally see improvements in both my recovery and piano! This injury of mine has limited my daily activities and I can't overwork myself even a tiny bit (there was once I ran a little extra 5 mins on treadmill and it hurt like crazy!). It was frustrating at first, but I realized the more relaxed I am, the more works I can achieve in a day.

My boyfriend told me not to write blog anymore, but I want to. So for the second half of the year, I am aiming to write 1 blog post a week (or at least 3 blog posts a month).

Okay back to the topic, I flew across the countries on the 10th of this month and blessed with the opportunity to attend a world-class pianist's piano recital in Singapore! The legendary Vietnamese pianist Dang Thai Son, first-prize winner of the 1980 Chopin International Piano Competition!

It was the 26th Singapore International Piano Festival, I stumbled across this on Facebook and booked the tickets to his concert right away. I wished I could go to Martha Argerich's and Seong Jin Cho's concert too but well, I gotta choose only one, and I'm glad I chose his. 


Before the concert started, we took the opportunities to take a few shots in front of the beautiful concert building -  Victoria Concert Hall; oh my don't we have this in Malaysia?

Always grateful he's with me at every music occasions.

Right before the concert started!

(pic credit: sgpianofest FB)

He performed beautiful works by Schubert, Paderewski, Liszt & Chopin.

(pic credit: sgpianofest FB)

(pic credit: sgpianofest FB)

I may sound exaggerate but this is the first concert that I actually learn something from, I guess it's because he's a legendary pianist? At first I questioned myself to be too crazy to fly across the country for just a piano recital but it turned out to be way more beneficial to me than I've expected. I am writing here hoping performance on that night will stay forever in my memories.  

(pic credit: sgpianofest FB)

Such a humble man!

(pic credit: sgpianofest FB)

Look at the crazy crowd after the concert, I was one of them lol!

A total starstruck moment!

I did tour around Singapore with the guide of our friend, so stay tune for my Singapore travel posts! Off to practice for now, till next time! 

love, Emma