Wednesday 26 September 2018

Excited yet fun September!

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Figured I could pop in to say hi a little bit after my fun and exciting Dubai + Paris trip! We only booked the flight tickets one month prior and I barely had the time to do proper planning. Spent a few nights burning midnight oil just before flying off to Dubai. Quite adventurous for me I would say, I usually planned things ahead of time.

It was crazy hot 40 degree all day long in Dubai and I really couldn't bare with the heat, the heat basically coming off from the ground. Then we off the Paris and weather started to get chiller each day, although I expected it to be a little more chiller but the weather was just right for us! 

I am so eager to organize all the beautiful shots from the trip, but I've a important event coming up this Saturday, so a short update until I've the time to do that! 

And yes, I finally got a baby grand piano! I DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE except this baby in my life now hahaha. Got it delivered to my house right before the trip and tuned right after my trip. And I plan to share this with my potential students if you're interested! (email:

Okay, it's time to sign off for dinner and practice later. Will post the first update of my trip on this space right here so stay tune!  

love, Emma


  1. Dubai all sand and nothing else sure damn hot. Hahaha... anyway congratz on ur new piano! :)

    1. constant heat throughout the day lol, I expect morning and night time will be slightly better but it doesn't seem that way. and thanks! :)