Friday 12 April 2019

Hitting That Reset Button

After months of wedding preparation, I finally able to get my normal life routine back. Piano practicing & teaching are always my priority to ease into my routine and usually it takes a while to get back into the practicing situation after all the chaos. Then my workout routine, cleaning routine, and etc etc. Being travelling so much over the last few months, my laundry chores could never ends (today my laundry basket doesn't look like mountain anymore, finally!).

And hello again to this space!
Obviously, writing is another way to get my life back together, after all this is another way of journalling right? 

Looking back, I'm quite impressed by myself to get all of that done within such a short time; first international piano competition in Hong Kong in January, pre-wedding shoot in Korea in February, and wedding in March. I'm blessed and grateful my life has been back from the cray cray/ running around like a busy bee style. 

Writing this with my planner on my side, already planned for everything else (piano, fitness, house matters, shopping lists etc etc..) and currently planning what's next to be drafted on this space, there's a lot of backlog omg! The more I plan the more I'm terrified and questioned myself that could I get all of that done? Alright, step by step, bit by bit. 

Till next time, happy weekends!

love, Emma


  1. Congratulations again Emma! Wishing you and your partner a lifetime of love and happiness.