Saturday 1 June 2019

Little Pregnancy Updates | 23 Weeks


It's been a while, things haven't been really going great for my pregnancy. I have been under physical activities restriction on and off now, which means there's a lot of things I can't do! I can't imagine my body is so used to endorphins and dopamine and that restriction makes me kinda depressed of how little things that I could do. From 3-5 times exercises a week reduced to twice a month last month, it's frustrating! Not to mention all the other activities and work that I have to cut down too, hopefully I'll be clear soon! 

And all those extra trips to the OB/GYN and Chinese physician is making me exhausting, I've also been downing the most chinese medicine in my entire life. But weird thing - the baby is fine, I guess I'm the one with problems?

Anyway, this is how I look like (on the side) on 23 weeks!

How I look like on the front.

People had been telling me my belly looks smaller than usual, but argh for me it's so big and makes me very uncomfortable! I'm feeling bloated ALL THE TIME. Can someone tell me how a 500g baby made me put on weight of 4kg?!? 

The only thing that cheer me up is good food during this time!

Anyway I'm allowed to resume some light activities starting next week! Can't wait and praying there's no more activities restriction given by doctors again, really wish to do everything I want like before. #fingercrossed

love, Emma

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